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Maryland Churches Kick Off Fellowship with Annual Kickball Event

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Kickball brings Annapolis, Bell Branch, and Connection Community churches together.

In a lively blend of community and sport, members from three Maryland churches — Annapolis, Bell Branch (Gambrills), and Connection Community (Laurel)—came together on Nov. 5 at Pip Moyer Recreation Center in Annapolis for their annual kickball tournament.

The event, which has become a beloved tradition in recent years, saw over 50 participants from the congregations turn out. In an effort to foster new friendships and strengthen community bonds, attendees were divided into mixed teams, ensuring members from different churches could interact and get to know each other.

Geoff Crowley, Bell Branch pastor, highlighted the significance of the kickball games. “Events like this are great because it’s a low-risk opportunity to invite friends to come out and mingle with the church community. They can see us as regular people who are having fun,” he said. Crowley also emphasized the event’s role in integrating new church members, stating, “Sometimes we have newer community members who haven’t gotten to know a lot of people and events like this invite them to open up a little more.”

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