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Members Commit to Soul-Winning at Hispanic Church Lay Evangelism Festivals

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The events were organized by the Chesapeake Conference Hispanic Ministries Department to prepare for evangelism this fall. 

Chesapeake Conference’s Hispanic Ministries Department recently coordinated lay evangelism festivals for each of the conference’s 10 Hispanic church districts. The department said the events were held to encourage personal revival in preparation for fall evangelistic efforts.

Organizers challenged members attending each gathering to get engaged in soul-winning activities. In response to the challenge, 325 lay members committed to bringing one person to Christ this year, 165 committed to leading a small group and 69 committed to planting a church.

“People were very enthusiastic and excited,” said Orlando Rosales, Hispanic ministries director for Chesapeake Conference.

The lay evangelism festivals featured sermons and seminars that offered members practical training on how they could share their faith. Among the featured presenters were Columbia Union’s Ruben Ramos, vice president for multilingual ministries, and Jose Esposito, assistant to the president for evangelism.

Each member who made a commitment at one of the events received a small gift to remind them of their pledge. Members who committed to bringing someone to Christ received a small figurine lamp, while those committing to lead a small group were given a house statuette. Attendees committing to plant a church received a figurine of a church.

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