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Mt. Aetna School Expands Athletics Program

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School officials hope the expanded sports program will help further student growth and development.

Story by Mt. Aetna Adventist School Staff

Mt. Aetna Adventist School in Hagerstown, Md., has recently expanded its athletics program in an effort to bolster opportunities for learning and growth outside the classroom. Last year, the school’s middle school boys’ and girls’ basketball teams joined the Monocacy Youth Basketball League, and this year, the school is also offering girls’ middle school volleyball and boys’ middle school soccer. 

Coach and physical education teacher Eric Harrison said he hopes that offering more sports opportunities will increase student engagement, health, and academic achievement. “When our school provides great opportunities for learning…including extracurricular activities such as sports, we…engage our students in a way that creates a positive school spirit and glorifies God,” he said. 

Harrison also emphasized the importance of life lessons that students can learn through participation in sports activities. “They also are learning about camaraderie and unified team mindset. Regardless of how many points or minutes each player has, they win or lose as one team.”

Athletic director and parent of a student-athlete, Yvonne Rozman, explained that the school is now focused on upgrading facilities to support the growing athletics program and strengthen recruiting efforts. “Our main focus project is to get our gym floors replaced in order to allow for home game opportunities and expand the overall appeal of the school. We have a myriad of fundraising efforts, but the best support comes from donors who believe in the importance of Adventist Christian education,” Rozman said.

School officials say they are excited to offer these sports opportunities to students and hope that student-athletes will ultimately grow spiritually through the experience. “Spiritual growth happens on the field and off the court,” said principal Rod Kerbs. “We appreciate the parents and staff who model ways to win or lose with honor.”

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