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New Hope Church Packs Over 71,000 Meals for Children in Ukraine and Belize

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The meal pack-a-thon was held in partnership with No Child Hungry.

The New Hope church in Fulton, Maryland, demonstrated its commitment to battling global hunger, packing an impressive 71,824 meals this past Sabbath in partnership with No Child Hungry. This year’s massive effort was aimed at providing nutritious meals for children in Belize and war-torn Ukraine.

This year marks the sixth time the congregation hosted a meal pack-a-thon in partnership with No Child Hungry but the first time since before the pandemic. 

Using the church halls and the multipurpose room as packing stations, the event was an orchestration of efficiency. Each station was organized to accommodate 10 volunteers, with each individual assigned a specific task in the packaging process. They worked diligently to transform raw ingredients into FDA-approved meal kits ready for delivery to children in need.

Beginning at 9:30 a.m., the pack-a-thon ran throughout the day, with volunteers, including adults and youngsters alike, taking shifts before and during each of the church’s worship services. In total, over 150 community members stepped up to join this charitable cause.

Andre Arrais, Worship and Outreach pastor, spoke with pride about the event, “This is one of the most significant service events that the church has held in recent years,” he said, praising the congregation’s participation. “It’s great for our church, and it’s encouraging. It just gets us pumped for the next one.”

Indeed, the event not only nourishes children abroad but also reinforces community spirit at home. With over 71,000 meals ready to make their way overseas, the New Hope church community has shown how a congregation can come together, transcending geographical boundaries to make a tangible difference in the world.

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