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Online Videos Lead to Baptism at Annapolis Church

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Jerry Hazleton was baptized at the Annapolis church on Oct. 22. 

The Annapolis (Md.) church recently celebrated the baptism of a man who first attended the church late last year and told the pastor during his first visit that he wanted to be baptized.

Jerry Hazleton had been studying the Bible for months and stumbled across several Adventist media ministries’ videos online. After watching the videos and studying the Bible more for himself, Hazleton became convicted and searched for an Adventist church near him. After finding the Annapolis church, he approached Pastor Pedro Sauder and explained that he needed to be baptized.

According to Sauder, Hazleton was committed and passionate about the Adventist message from their first meeting. Over the last 11 months, Hazleton has completed Bible studies and become deeply involved in supporting evangelism efforts and expanding the church’s media ministry. Hazleton was baptized at the church on Oct. 22.

Sauder says it is incredible to see the Holy Spirit work in a person’s life and convict them of Biblical truth before they even walk through church doors. He says it is a powerful reminder of what can happen at any Sabbath worship service and why it is essential to be prepared.

“It’s a practice of mine to pray every day when I come to church that I won’t just receive a blessing, but I’ll be a blessing,” Sauder says. “I pray, ‘God, as You bring someone to the church, help me to be ready to receive and to lead them to You.’”

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