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Open Arms Church connects with community at health expo

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The health expo was held in Lewes, Del., to provide resources for people over 55.

Members from Open Arms Church in Milton, Del., made a strong impression at a recent community health expo in Lewes for people over 55. The event, held at Cape Henlopen High School, drew more than 1,500 people and offered a platform for organizations to cater to the health and wellness needs of the local senior community.

Among the various booths, Open Arms Church stood out by passing out materials related to mental health issues like anxiety, depression and loneliness, which are of significant concern within the senior demographic. Church members engaged with attendees, providing valuable resources and soliciting feedback through surveys on how the church could serve them going forward. Adding a unique touch to their booth, the church also featured support dogs, offering a friendly interaction for those who stopped by. 

Many expo visitors also expressed curiosity about Open Arms Church, with some indicating their interest in attending services.

The feedback gathered from the expo is now fueling plans for future outreach and service activities. Church elder John Pack emphasized the importance of this approach, stating, “Jesus healed people and took care of their needs first, and once He did that, they were open to listening to him. That’s what we want to do in our community.”

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