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Outdoor Baptismal Service Welcomes 10 New Members to Ellicott City Church

Story by Fylvia Kline / Ellicott City Church

Lead Pastor Paulo Macena and Associate Pastor Debbie Rivera baptize new church members into the Ellicott City church family. / Photos by Cristina Macena 

On Sabbath, September 26, ten people joined the Ellicott City (Md.) church, nine through an outdoor baptism and one through profession of faith. Among those baptized was a new face to the church community, Karen Santangelo (pictured first). Karen had recently been studying the Bible with her aunt and decided to search online for a church close to her. She discovered the Ellicott City church website and became a regular viewer of their online worship services. 

Karen comes from both a Catholic and Adventist family and when her mother passed away seventeen years ago, the need to search for something more started to grow. When her brother passed away five years ago, she felt even more determined to learn more about God. As she continually studied the Bible with her aunt, Karen was convinced that she had found what she had been searching for all these years.

“I had a lot of questions about death and other things, and the more I searched, the more I felt I was getting a step closer to God,” says Karen Santangelo. “It felt like I had never known Christianity before. I knew the stories from the Bible, yet all of it felt so new. How it all came together and how I happened to catch the announcement about an upcoming baptism was God’s perfect timing. I felt convicted and I just had to do it.”

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