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Pathfinders Acquire New Skills During Annual Classoree

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Chesapeake Conference’s annual Pathfinder Classoree offered more than 30 Pathfinder honors taught by knowledgeable instructors.

Nearly 300 Pathfinders from 15 churches participated in Chesapeake Conference’s Pathfinder Classoree from Sept. 24-26 at the Mt. Aetna Retreat Center in Hagerstown, Md.

The annual event provides an opportunity for Pathfinders to earn honors by learning new skills from knowledgeable instructors whose expertise may not be available in their local churches.

“Classoree helps the Pathfinder achieve almost 40% of their classwork for the year,” says Carl Rodriguez, Chesapeake Conference youth ministries director. “For smaller clubs, the classoree is a huge help due to the wide variety of classes and honors.”

The event offered over 30 classes that Pathfinders could choose to attend to earn honors. Available options varied across four categories: church heritage, nature appreciation, first aid/health/safety, and arts/crafts/vocational.

Specific honors taught included puppetry, Christian drama, basic rescue, CPR, camp skills, and glass painting.

“My favorite thing was the butterfly honor,” says teenager Joy Young. “We had a really nice teacher, and she was really fun!”

Teenager Alexei Elliot enjoyed the fellowship and corporate worship. “You can meet friends and make friends. The worship is good too, and you get to sing fun songs!” she says.

Randy Myaing, who taught several of the weekend classes, was thrilled to see the enthusiasm for the event. “It’s great seeing the youth interact with one another rather than just sitting at home. They’re connected to God, and they’re sharing the love of Christ,” he says.

Plans are underway for next year’s Pathfinder Classoree. Youth leaders who attended this year’s event hope more churches will participate in 2022.

“No matter what your position is in youth ministries, if you are working in these ministries, then these events have something for you,” says Michael Kirks. “Whether you’re one of the youths that we’re ministering to, whether you’re a staff member or director—whatever it may be—there’s something here for you, and it’s organized in a fun, friendly, and safe way.”

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