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Pathfinders Demonstrate Strong Bible Knowledge in Area Level PBE

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24 teams from 15 Pathfinder clubs took part in the Area level PBE at locations across Chesapeake Conference on Jan. 21.

On Jan. 21, the Area level of the 2023 Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) took place across multiple locations in the Chesapeake Conference. This year, 24 teams from 15 conference Pathfinder clubs participated in the event at area locations which included the Frederick (Md.), Triadelphia (Clarksville, Md.), Park (Salisbury, Md.), and Salt (Randallstown, Md.) churches.

Teams took turns answering in-depth questions on the Gospel of John, with those scoring over 90% advancing to the Conference level PBE event on Feb. 18. Kenia Reyes-de Leon, Chesapeake Conference Youth and Young Adult Ministries director, said “In its name, the Pathfinder Bible Experience, tells us what it’s all about and why it’s so important. We are hoping our juniors, earliteens, and teens have an experience with God’s Word and discover the beauty and power found in each story, each character, and chapter.”

PBE is the official Bible study program for Pathfinders in the North American Division. Annually, teams composed of six club members delve into a specific book of the Bible and commit large portions of Scripture to memory. There are four levels of competition in PBE: Area, Conference, Union and the Division finale. Participants are evaluated on their knowledge of the assigned book of the Bible as well as the SDA Bible Commentary introduction for that book.

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