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Pathfinders Go Fast at Derby Day

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Pathfinders also worked on kite-making and model airplane honors.

Pathfinders work on their model cars.

Pathfinders raced cars, constructed model airplanes, and participated in marching drills on Sunday during Chesapeake’s annual Pathfinder Derby Day.

More than 300 people representing 17 Chesapeake Pathfinder clubs attended the yearly event held at the Atholton church and Chesapeake Conference headquarters in Columbia, Md. 

“The Pathfinders enjoyed a fun-filled day full of smiles and laughter, enjoying another time where they can be together,” says Ann Reynolds, Chesapeake children’s ministries director. “Atholton church was again a wonderful host opening their doors for this annual event.”

Pathfinders alternated between activities during three rotations throughout the day. In the Atholton gymnasium, Pathfinders entered their custom-built cars in the pinewood derby and raced remote-controlled cars around a large oval track for the fastest time. 

“I liked the racing best,” says Daniel from the Baltimore White March Cloudwalkers club in Baltimore. “Both the derby racing and the RC racing were a lot of fun.”

Across the parking lot, Pathfinders constructed kites and assembled model airplanes and cars in the conference office building. Pathfinders practiced drilling and marching in the conference’s rear parking lot. 

“This is my first time doing the derby,” says Kasiya-Rayshelle of the Hagerstown (Md.) Explorers. “We were supposed to come before, but because of COVID, we couldn’t come… It’s been pretty great.” 

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