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Pathfinders Learn Skills and Make Spiritual Decisions at 2022 Classoree

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Nearly 100 Pathfinders responded to an altar call to commit themselves to spending more time in prayer and Bible study.

Over 400 Pathfinders from more than 20 clubs traveled to Hagerstown, Md., for Chesapeake Conference’s 2022 Pathfinder Classoree from Sept. 23-25. 

The annual event provides an opportunity for Pathfinders to earn honors by learning new skills from instructors whose expertise may not be available in their local congregation. This year’s classoree offered 35 classes on subjects including peacemaking, basic first aid, CPR certification and camping skills.

“The advantage of the classoree is mainly for the smaller clubs, or clubs that may be larger but don’t have enough instructors,” says Carl Rodriguez, Chesapeake Conference youth director. Rodriguez adds that 40% of the classwork for the Pathfinder year is completed during the event. 

In addition to the activity courses, the classoree featured a full-uniform general session on Sabbath afternoon and an induction service on Saturday night. Josue Felciano, associate pastor for the Hagerstown church, spoke during the Sabbath general session on the importance of prayer and Bible-reading, telling Pathfinders, “the only way to know God’s will is to spend time in His Word.” 

Nearly 100 Pathfinders made their way to the front of the Highland View Academy church sanctuary during Felciano’s altar call appeal at the conclusion of his message.

Rodriguez says witnessing the aisles fill with young people committing themselves to spend more time with Jesus is a powerful reminder of what Pathfinders is all about. “Pathfinders isn’t just a fun activity,” he says. “It’s also part of your spiritual growth and discipleship.”

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