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Patrick Reynolds Ordained to the Gospel Ministry

Patrick Reynolds, pastor of the MOT (Townsend, Del.) church and Grasonville (Md.) church, was ordained to the Gospel ministry on May 1 at the Grasonville church.
Before entering ministry, Reynolds served in the United States Navy for 20 years, where his years of service included working in the submarine force. Reynolds retired from the Navy in 1998 at the rank of chief petty officer.
Reynolds studied at La Sierra University (Riverside, Calif.), where he completed a bachelor’s degree in theology in 2004 and a master of divinity degree in 2009. Reynolds began his pastoral ministry career in Chesapeake Conference at the MOT and Grasonville churches in 2016. 
Reynolds points to Romans 8:31-39 as a key text that has guided him throughout his life and ministry. “The main reason I have Romans 8:31-39 as my foundational Scripture is because we all face difficulties and challenges in life,” he says. “Yet our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gives us the strength and courage of knowing that He is right there by our side through it all, and that nothing this world or the evil one can throw our way can overcome or separate us from Him.”
Reynolds is married to his wife, Vilma, who works as an account executive at Adventist Risk Management. Their adult son, Christopher, serves in the United States Air Force. 

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