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Pedro Sauder Ordained to the Gospel Ministry

Sauder is the pastor of the Connection Community and Annapolis churches.

Pedro Sauder, pastor of the Connection Community (Laurel, Md.) and Annapolis (Md.) churches, was ordained to the gospel ministry during a Sabbath afternoon service held at the Connection Community church on June 24.  The event was attended by members from both congregations, colleagues, mentors, and his family, all gathered to celebrate and affirm Sauder’s call to ministry.

Sauder’s journey to full-time pastoral ministry began back in 2012, when he says he received his ministry calling through a series of divine appointments and miracles. In his ministry, Sauder has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to evangelism, both personal and public. He has continuously preached the importance of spreading the gospel and living a life consistent with its teachings.

“Even though people may only see [ordination as] a day of blessings and others as an achievement, I see it as a refinement process of surrender so Jesus can shine in you and through you,” Sauder said.

Sauder is married to his wife, Patricia, and they have a daughter, Bianca.

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