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Planting Seeds for Eternity

Focus on Adventist Education

By Renee Humphreys, associate superintendent

Isn’t it wonderful to see how God’s creation testifies to His beauty and magnificent power? This season we have already seen flowers and trees showing displays of brilliant colors. Many of us, along with neighbors and friends, are busy working in our gardens, hoping that each plant that is placed in the ground will thrive and produce a bountiful harvest.

Our 2022-23 school year is soon to end, and what a harvest this school year has brought! Throughout the school year, principals, teachers, staff, and pastors have been planting seeds into the hearts and minds of our students. Our priority has been that students grow to have a friendship with Jesus and then share the joy of loving Him with their family and friends. We also have been planting seeds of academic excellence that provide innovative educational experiences with a distinct Biblical Adventist worldview.  These include providing for and fostering safe and caring schools, engaging learning opportunities, service-centered ministries, and a variety of enrichment programs. We have been intentional about growing schools that are planting seeds for here and eternity. 

God has blessed our “garden” of Chesapeake Conference schools. Congratulations to the illustrious graduating class of 2023 and all the great accomplishments that have taken place throughout the school year. We look forward to seeing the full fruits of our labors when Jesus returns. On behalf of the Office of Education, thank you for your care and support for our 10 schools and over 1,200 students within Chesapeake Conference. We are already planning and planting seeds for the 2023-24 school year. We hope you and your children will continue to grow with us.

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