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Reisterstown Builds Relationships Through Community Baby Shower

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The church partnered with the Baltimore County Health Department to host the event on June 26. 

The Reisterstown (Md.) church recently hosted a community baby shower for local families, providing parents and guardians with essential items such as diapers, baby wipes and changing tables. 

The church partnered with the Baltimore County Health Department to organize the shower at the church on June 26 and gather the items. Pikesville (Md.) church members also attended and supported the event. 

During the shower, the church distributed gift baskets to more than 30 families. Church members organized games and entertainment for kids and set up booths for families to receive additional resources on health and parenting. 

In addition to online advertising, members promoted the event by passing out flyers in the church’s surrounding neighborhoods and personally inviting people they met on the street to the shower. Babawale Adepoju, the Reisterstown church pastor, said the event was a great opportunity to “meet people from different walks of life” and “minister to people who won’t naturally come” to church. 

“Reisterstown is really excited about doing all types of nontraditional ministry [that focus on] just getting out in the community,” Adepoju said. He added that the church is “keeping in contact” with several families who attended the community baby shower.

“When it comes to ministry and evangelism, my focus is on the people who have no experience with Adventism or the church,” Adepoju said. “I’m looking for new members.” 

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