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Revelation Project Gets Underway

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Hosted by the Ellicott City church, the Revelation Project aims to make the book of Revelation accessible to younger audiences.

Gary Blanchard, world youth director for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, speaks during the opening program of Revelation Project on Oct. 8. Credit: Edson Tanaka

An innovative evangelistic series offering a fresh approach to presenting the book of Revelation kicked off last Friday night at the Ellicott City (Md.) church.

The Revelation Project (weekends, Oct. 8-30) aims to help young people understand Bible prophecy through simple 30-minute messages presented by dynamic speakers who put Jesus front and center. 

The 12-part series features nine different speakers, including Gary Blanchard, world youth director for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Other speakers include Carl Rodriguez, Patrick Graham, Novella Smith, Josant Barrientos, Paul Graham, and Ellicott City church pastors Paulo Macena, Debbie Rivera, and John Rengifo. 

“Variety is very important for this young generation,” says Paulo Macena, lead pastor of the Ellicott City church. “We don’t want people to just connect with one speaker–we want people to connect to the message.” 

More than 730 people from 60 countries have registered for the series so far. Participants can choose to attend the Revelation Project in person at the Ellicott City church or watch remotely online through Facebook and YouTube

The Baltimore White Marsh church in Baltimore and the Connection Community church in Laurel, Md., are serving as satellite hosts for the series. 

Youth from the Baltimore White Marsh church gather to watch the Revelation Project remotely on Oct. 9. Credit: Diego Boquer

Each Revelation Project program runs for approximately one hour. The night begins with a greeting from the evening’s host and a time of singing and worship led by the praise team. The featured speaker then presents the evening’s topic in half an hour or less. Following the presentation, audience participants have the chance to text in questions for an interactive Q&A.

While the Revelation Project aims to attract youth and young adults, people of all ages have enjoyed the messages so far. The event has already provided the Ellicott City church opportunities to build connections with people in the surrounding neighborhood. 

One woman, who lives next door, learned about the Revelation Project from a flyer handed to her as she walked past the church. She attended every night the first weekend. “She’s lived next to the church for 16 years, but she never came inside until the Revelation Project,” Macena says. 

The Revelation Project continues this weekend, beginning Friday at 7:00 p.m. Upcoming topics include “The Cross,” “Armageddon, the Final Battle,” and “Beyond Death.”

The praise team begins each program with singing and worship. Credit: Edson Tanaka

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