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Salisbury Spanish Churches Hold Tent Evangelistic Meetings 

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Over 50 Non-Members Attend, 10 Choose Baptism

The Salisbury Spanish and Redencion churches recently teamed up to host tent evangelistic meetings near businesses along Route 13 in Salisbury, Md. The meetings, featuring guest speaker Vladimir Kabbas from the Allegheny East Conference, focused on fostering strong, spiritual families. 

Located on the edge of a trailer park, the tent venue offered a unique and welcoming space for individuals who might feel uneasy about entering conventional church structures. Over the week-long event, which took place from Sept. 16-23, more than 50 non-members attended, leading to 10 decisions for baptism, including two that occurred at the meetings.

The churches were granted permission by the trailer park’s owner to utilize the land for the event’s duration, and leaders hope to partner with the local business owner again for future events.

Small groups from both congregations played a pivotal role in the success of the series by inviting friends and neighbors and knocking on doors of nearby homes and businesses. Each small group also took responsibility for one day’s programming. 

Irma Brown, a Redencion church member, reflected on the impact of the alternative venue: “It was great because sometimes people are intimidated to go to a church,” she said.

District pastor Jean Pierre added, “People need to see us. We want to be close to the people in the community.” He emphasized that the tent setting attracted more attendees than a conventional church location might have.

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