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Serving Tea and the Community

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The Washington Ghanaian church in Columbia, Md., hosted over 125 women for a tea party on July 31.

The Washington Ghanaian (Columbia, Md.) church hosted a ladies’ tea party for more than 125 women from the church and community on July 31 in the church’s fellowship hall.

The tea party was organized by the church’s women’s ministries department to “uplift, encourage and celebrate women through their experience with God and fellowship,” said Agnes Agbasi, the church’s women’s ministries director. 

Women from the church invited daughters, nieces and other women from the community to come to the church for a day of fellowship. According to Agbasi, the tea party is a great opportunity for evangelism and serves as a “good gateway for bringing others into the church.” 

While attendees enjoyed their tea, they listened to presentations on etiquette, dress, budgeting and words of affirmation. Dr. Vera Manu shared a devotional message involving a broken teacup that resonated with several attendees. While sharing her illustration, Manu stated, “I may be broken into many pieces, but God loves me and will pick me up again…and put me back together.” 

The women’s ministries department also organized several games and icebreaker activities. Prizes were handed out to the winners, and everyone went home with numerous party favors. 

“I am so glad we were able to provide this experience for our ladies and daughters,” Agbasi said. “We had a wonderful day filled with laughter, bonding and powerful messages.”

The tea party was part of a wide range of activities at the church over the weekend. The church also held several men’s ministry activities from July 29-30. 

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