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Seven Pathfinders Baptized at Hope Community Church

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Three new Bible study classes were formed after the service. 

Seven Pathfinders were baptized last Sabbath into the Hope Community Church in Bear, Del., during a special afternoon service. The service was held at the West Wilmington (Del.) Church because the current facility the congregation rents doesn’t contain a baptistry. 

Eleven individuals signed up for three new Bible study classes as a result of the baptism service.

It was a high day for the congregation, which was formed in 2020 and only began meeting in-person last summer. 

“The happiness level was outstanding,” says Ricardo Cala, Hope Community pastor and associate pastor at West Wilmington. “The members were giddy. They finally saw all their hard work paying off and coming to fruition.”

The seven Pathfinders participated in a weekly Bible study class with Elvis Mogoi, West Wilmington senior pastor, and met weekly via Zoom for more than a year.

Church leaders are encouraged to see the number of young people participating in the church’s activities. According to Cala, nearly half of the congregation’s weekly attendees are under age 25. 

“I see the Holy Spirit working here,” Cala says. “I have lots of hope for the future.” 

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