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Showing Pastors Our Appreciation

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October is Pastor Appreciation Month.

By Eli Rojas, ministerial director for Chesapeake Conference

Each year, we have opportunities to show appreciation to individuals who sacrifice so much to serve their community. We do it throughout the year through different holidays that recognize these individuals. 

In February, we celebrate the former presidents of the United States. In May, we celebrate two categories of persons known for their love and sacrifice for others: mothers and nurses. We commemorate Father’s Day in June. 

In October, we recognize two more groups of people that do a lot for others. Oct. 5 is “World Teachers’ Day.” The other group we recognize in October is pastors.

During the month of October, we have an opportunity to show our appreciation for the men and women who sacrifice so much for God and God’s people. The particular day is the second Sabbath in October—but you can show appreciation to your pastor anytime!

You can show appreciation for your pastor’s work individually. As you read this article, I encourage you to think of ways to let your pastor know that you value them. But it should also be done as a church family. 

The simplest way to show appreciation to your church’s pastor is to share a few words of encouragement with them or send them a card (see link) that expresses your gratitude. However, there are more creative ways to let your pastor know how much you appreciate their hard work. 

For example, one church got a large board and wrote a message that substituted some words with candy packages. It said something like this: “Your amazing dedication to your work is seen in the many extra things you do.” They replaced the “M” in “amazing” with a bag of M&M’s candy, and a pack of Extra chewing gum replaced the word “extra.” The message continued: “You are a Lifesaver,” and they used a package of LIFESAVER candies. It was very creative, and the effort showed they loved their pastor.

Next year (June 2022), the North American Division will host a pastor’s convention in Lexington, Ky. This event is an excellent opportunity for pastors and their families to enjoy time together by attending seminars and events designed specifically for them. Your pastor will have to pay for several expenses in connection with this event, but your church could put together funds to supplement the cost. It would be a great gift!

No matter how you choose to show your appreciation, the main point is to be intentional. Take time to encourage your pastor, build them up, and help them realize that their hard work is being noticed and appreciated. 

The apostle Paul (who always made room in his epistles to recognize the work of those who partnered with him) said the following: “Elders who direct the church well should be seen as doubly valuable, particularly those who work in speaking the Word and in teaching” (1 Tim. 5:17, FBV).

Show value for your pastor by showing your appreciation this October.

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