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Spencerville members rally for Community Service Day

Members volunteered to participate in one of six community service projects.

Over 80 members from Spencerville Church, ranging from little children to members in their 90s, united for a day of volunteer service on Sunday, April 28. The group tackled six different service projects across the area, demonstrating their commitment to local impact.

The service activities varied, from preparing meals for the homeless at Shepherd’s Table to sorting through clothing donations at InterFaith Works. Additional volunteers joined forces with Emmanuel Brinklow Church for their food distribution program, while others dedicated time at a local nursing home to sing and pray with residents. The community service day also included cleaning up a Montgomery County park.

Kandace Zollman, associate pastor for Nurture and Visitation, emphasized the mission behind the effort. “We want to make a difference where we live,” she said. “We want to let people know that we’re here and that we care.”

Jane Mwebi, the church’s Community Services director, praised the high turnout and the spirit of the volunteers. “I am very pleased that the turnout for the Community Service Day was awesome… We got to shine our light and share the love of Jesus in our community. Praise and glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!” Mwebi said.

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