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Spencerville Women Gather to Claim God’s Promises

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The Spencerville church held a one-day women’s ministries retreat focusing on personal spirituality.

More than 40 women attended Spencerville church’s one-day women’s ministries retreat at the Mt. Aetna Retreat Center in Hagerstown, Md., on Sept. 18.

The featured speaker, Debbie Howell, presented the theme “Living God’s Way: Claiming His Promises to Secure Hope for Our Future.” Howell shared personal testimonies and urged attendees to claim God’s promises by declaring, “You will reveal, You will restore; God, I believe You are Who You say are!”

“It was exciting to me to see the room packed to capacity with women who were eager to deepen their relationships with Jesus,” says Kandace Zollman, Spencerville church pastor for nurture and visitation. “It was especially meaningful to see the large number of young women who attended!”

In the afternoon, Howell led a workshop on “How to Bible Journal,” where she encouraged women to use journaling as a tool for engaging with Scripture and listening for God’s voice.

The retreat also featured live music, active discussions, and seasons of prayer. The Spencerville women enjoyed fine weather, good food, and the chance to fellowship with each other.

“It meant a lot for us to finally be together and socialize as Christian women…without a screen between us after being isolated for such a long time,” says Geri Mueller, women’s ministries leader for Spencerville church. “You could sense the harmony and unity among the group…when the wish was expressed: ‘Let’s meet again.’”

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