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STEM Department Receives $27,500 Loma Linda University EXSEED/Versacare Grant

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The funds will further expand STEM programs in Chesapeake Conference schools.

Frederick Adventist Academy students make a robot using Lego’s new platform, Spike Prime.

Chesapeake Conference schools received a $27,500 STEM grant from Loma Linda University EXSEED (Excellence in STEM Experiential Education) and Versacare for STEM programs and activities being offered in conference schools during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Funds from the grant have already been utilized to support programs like the STEM camps conducted by Frederick Adventist Academy and Spencerville Adventist Academy this past summer. Additional funds will be used to purchase MakerSpace supplies, robotics kits, weather and water testing kits, a mobile STEM lab, and flight simulation equipment. 

The grant also furthers the Education Department’s discipleship initiative by providing materials for STEM worships and weeks of prayer. 

“We are very excited about these funds and know they will go a long way towards giving our students authentic hands-on STEM experiences in the classrooms,” says Ophelia Barizo, STEM coordinator for Chesapeake Conference. “We are also very happy that we will have the materials needed to integrate STEM with discipleship and give students experiences and opportunities to integrate faith and learning with STEM.”

Students concentrate on their coding skills as they build rescue robots at Spencerville Adventist Academy’s STEM Camp.

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