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The development of a renewed Strategic Plan for the Chesapeake Conference began with Conference Administration at the beginning of the quinquennium in May 2022. In October of the same year, the newly elected Conference Executive Committee met with Conference Administrators at Mt. Aetna Camp and Retreat Center for a three-day spiritual retreat dedicated to seeking the Lord’s guidance to determine the path forward for the Chesapeake Conference. While reflecting on past successes and blessings, the committee looked to the future and prayerfully considered the next steps needed to enhance the spiritual experiences of our churches and schools and advance the gospel in our territory to expand the
Kingdom of God.

The retreat featured comprehensive study, dialogue, and planning sessions, enhanced by the use of various analytical tools, including an Appreciative Inquiry study, a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis, Core Values Clarification, and a Priorities Determination instrument. The gathered data was compiled and collated by the Conference Executive Secretary and analyzed for recurring themes and patterns.

This analysis would later be compared and integrated with additional data that would be gathered from several other key groups and individuals within the conference over the ensuing months.

Input and data were solicited and gathered from a variety of constituent groups, including Conference Department Directors, School Principals, Teachers, Pastors, Local Church Leaders, and the general membership of the Chesapeake Conference. To ensure representation from the last two groups mentioned, an email survey was distributed in English and Spanish, receiving 554 individual responses that answered the general survey questions and provided written comments and observations. This invaluable feedback was then combined and merged with the other gathered data and carefully analyzed, weighted, and ranked according to theme and frequency of occurrence. What emerged from this process was a clear, balanced picture of the values and priorities that were essential to the formulation of this Strategic Plan and reflective of the Conference’s Mission and Vision statements.

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