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The purpose of the evangelism subsidy is to assist the local church in fulfilling its mission to reach their community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The conference encourages outreach efforts that are part of an intentional plan that includes pre-work, reaping, follow-up, and disciple-making. A church can apply for a subsidy for any or all of these components, but the application must describe how the request fits into the context of these four targeted areas. Regular and creative outreach subsidy applications will also be accepted.

Read more about the Chesapeake Conference Subsidy Policy.


All forms must be completed online. Please note that since we don’t know when large gatherings will resume, we are asking pastors to plan for six months at a time.

There will be two due dates:

Deadline November 15 for all evangelistic events January – December 2022.

To be eligible for up to 50 percent of the cost of your outreach, your application must be submitted by the deadline. Anything received after that will only be eligible for 25% of the outreach cost.


Complete the 2022 Evangelism Subsidy Application Form online after your church board has approved it. Subsidy requests should not exceed 50 percent of the total cost of the outreach. You must complete one form per outreach event.


Funds are distributed to the local church. The local treasurer will serve as the custodian of the budget for the outreach. Please send your requests to mterreros@ccosda.org and specify which church and outreach event you are requesting for.

Since your budget is only an estimate at the time of application, the following “subsidy formula” is used: the actual subsidy amount reimbursed after the outreach will be limited to either the amount approved for the church, or 50 percent of the actual costs of the approved project, whichever is less. Distribution of funds are to be used only for the approved project for which they are requested. You may request up to 75 percent of your subsidy six weeks prior to the outreach by sending an email to evangelism@ccosda.org specifying the dates of your outreach and the amount you are requesting.

The final 25 percent will be disbursed once the Evangelism Report Form is returned to the evangelism department. If actual expenditures are less than the advance that has been distributed to the church, a pro-rated amount of the subsidy will be returned to the conference based on the subsidy formula defined above. In either case, all distributions will be limited to the subsidy formula.


Details of the evangelism budget are to be kept in a ledger account separate from other church funds. Expenses are to be itemized and there must be a receipt or voucher for each entry, following the General Conference accounting principles and auditing guidelines. Receipts do not need to be submitted to the conference, but a final actual expense report is required within 45 days of the end of the event. The initial payment from the conference is an advance and will be set up as a receivable due from the church. It will be cleared when the Evangelism Report Form is returned to the conference. Honorariums to an individual greater than $600 in a year must be processed through conference payroll and conform to the honorarium policy. Contact treasury for the proper forms. Out-of-country speakers are ineligible for honorariums. All Bible Workers must be approved and paid through the conference.

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