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“The Breakthrough” Draws International Audience, Baptisms at Atholton

The Atholton church in Columbia, Maryland hosted a six-night, in-person and online evangelism series titled “The Breakthrough” from May 7 to 15 that resulted in seven baptisms at the Atholton church and four baptisms at locations in the Bahamas and Jamaica. 
Anastacia Ferguson-Bansie, associate pastor at the Atholton church, presented the messages for “The Breakthrough” and focused on uplifting Jesus as the solution for humanity’s deepest longings.
“People have felt so confined, constricted, depressed and oppressed for so long, and many are hungering for a breakthrough,” says Ferguson-Bansie. “However, the only sustainable breakthrough any of us can experience is through developing a transformative relationship with God. These messages have been designed to speak to the heart of life’s issues that many are experiencing today as a result of the pandemic, economic, social and political unrest, as well as emotional instability, by providing hope through God’s Word.”
The Adelaide church in the Bahamas acted as a satellite location for the series. On May 15, three baptisms at the Adelaide church were livestreamed during the worship service at Atholton. The Sabbath worship service also included seven baptisms at the Atholton church. 
“Sabbath morning’s service was such a powerful experience as people responded to an appeal and immediately found their way into the waters of baptism,” says Franke Zollman, senior pastor of the Atholton church. “The atmosphere was electrified with the power of the Holy Ghost!”
Viewers watched “The Breakthrough” online throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean and as far away as India and Switzerland. 

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