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TLT Retreat Inspires Pathfinders to ‘Move Forward’

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The “Teen Leadership Training” (TLT) program empowers teenagers to assume leadership roles within local Pathfinder clubs, preparing them for greater service within the broader church community.

Chesapeake Conference’s annual TLT Retreat occurred from Jan. 26-28 at the Mt. Aetna Retreat Center, revolving around the theme “Moving Forward.”

TLT, an acronym for “Teen Leadership Training,” is a specialized program designed to transition teenage Pathfinders from active club participants to leadership positions. The ultimate objective is to provide these young individuals with the necessary skills and experiences to emerge as leaders within their respective churches while applying their spiritual gifts to serve their club, church, and community.

This year’s retreat included presentations by Kenia Reyes, Youth and Young Adult Ministries director for the Chesapeake Conference. Reyes underscored God’s calling on each teen leader’s life to inspire others to follow Jesus by living out a genuine and honest relationship with God.

The primary components of the weekend retreat comprised training rotations and planning scenarios. TLT participants completed six modules within the TLT curriculum, with each module’s training session lasting approximately 15 minutes. Following these sessions, participants formed teams, selected club leadership positions, and were assigned tasks related to club planning for the upcoming year. They were given an hour and thirty minutes to formulate their annual plans, followed by presentations where coordinators evaluated their plans and provided feedback.

Additional retreat highlights included engaging craft activities, games, and a night hike.

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