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Urban Life Center, Pikesville Church make mark at Baltimore health expo

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The “B’More Healthy Expo” on Feb. 10 saw approximately 30,000 attendees.

Chesapeake Conference was well-represented at the “B’More Healthy Expo” held at the Baltimore Convention Center on Feb. 10, which saw an attendance of approximately 30,000. The Urban Life Center and Pikesville International Church both participated as exhibitors this year, allowing them the opportunity to connect with attendees and share resources. 

The Urban Life Center, marking its second year at the expo, featured a prime corner exhibit that attracted a steady flow of visitors with its Christian music and hourly raffles for free prizes, which included a personal blender, mini chopper, and water bottles. The center, known for its juice bar and wellness classes, utilized the event to enhance its visibility and foster potential collaborations with other health and wellness organizations. “Being here was a great experience, and we were able to get more exposure for the Urban Life Center,” said Cristina Macena, co-founder and projects manager. She noted the significant interest in the center’s offerings, with hundreds signing up for their newsletter to learn more about upcoming classes and programs.

Pikesville International Church also left a strong impression at the expo, distributing wellness literature and copies of Ellen G. White’s “Ministry of Healing.” By the event’s conclusion, the church had given away all its materials, underscoring the high demand and interest in their resources. Church members offered prayers and engaged in meaningful one-on-one interactions, reinforcing the church’s commitment to community service and outreach. “Service is the lifeblood of Christianity,” said Babawale Adepoju, lead pastor of Pikesville International. He expressed hope for increased participation from other Chesapeake Conference churches at next year’s expo, especially as the conference prepares for its Reach Baltimore 2025 evangelistic campaign.

The “B’More Healthy Expo” not only served as a platform for Chesapeake Conference organizations to display their dedication to health and wellness but also as a bridge connecting the community to valuable resources and spiritual support. With the successful participation of the Urban Life Center and Pikesville International Church, the event underscored the importance of holistic health, encompassing both physical and spiritual well-being.

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