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Van Sailo Retires After 26 Years of Pastoral Ministry

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Sailo has pastored the Reisterstown and South Carroll churches since 2017.

Eli Rojas (left) recognizes Van Sailo (center) and his wife, Mary (right), for their years of ministry during their last worship service at the South Carroll (Westminster, Md.) church on July 31. 

Van Sailo, pastor of the Reisterstown (Md.) and South Carroll (Westminster, Md.) churches retired last week after 26 years in pastoral ministry. Sailo was recognized by Eli Rojas, ministerial director for Chesapeake Conference, and representatives from both congregations during his final worship service at the South Carroll church on July 31.

Sailo began working in Chesapeake Conference at the Reisterstown and South Carroll churches in 2017. He previously worked as a pastor in the Southern New England and Potomac conferences. 

“The most rewarding part of ministry is seeing someone make a decision for Christ and follow Christ’s example into baptism,” says Sailo, who celebrated a baptism during his final worship service in the district. “Training members how to give Bible studies and actually seeing them use their skills brings me so much joy.” 

In addition to his gifts as a minister, Sailo is also a prolific musician and has composed more than 60 gospel songs in the Mizo language. During his last sermon, he played a video of one of his songs entitled “Ticket to Tarshish.”

Sailo and his wife, Mary, have chosen to retire so they can live close to family in Michigan and spend time with their grandchildren. Sailo hopes to continue to preach and be involved in ministry in retirement and he looks forward to writing more songs and improving his guitar skills.

“Our Chesapeake Conference’s pastoral team will miss you, and your churches will miss you,” said Rojas. “You’ll spend more time with your grandchildren, and family. But you will also spend more time making new songs to praise God, and sharing the love of Jesus with those around you.”

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