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‘When is Your Next Baptism?’

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Living Word Church celebrates five recent baptisms.

When Kleyton Feitosa, pastor of the Living Word Church, greeted two guests visiting the Glen Burnie, Md. congregation for the first time, he received an unexpected question. 

“When is your next baptism?” asked Lorren Bartholomew, who was visiting the church along with her 18-year-old son.

Feitosa informed her that the church had four baptisms scheduled for the next Sabbath. Lorren immediately told him that she desired to join them and get rebaptized. 

Lorren had previously been baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church but had drifted away years earlier. After watching some sermons online, she became convicted that she needed to reconnect with God and the Church and get baptized again. 

Feitosa met with Lorren after the service and during a midweek visit. On April 16, Lorren was rebaptized, and her son is now taking Bible studies and hopes to get baptized later this year. 

It was a special worship service for the congregation, which also celebrated the baptisms of four youth, including Feitosa’s son, Malton. 

“It was a beautiful, high Sabbath for our church,” Feitosa says. “It was great for us to have four youth baptized, as well as Lorren. People were crying. It was an amazing day.” 

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