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Wilmington Area Churches Partner with YMCA for Community-Building Initiative

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The organizations partnered to host an international food fair and a 5K run on Sept. 10.

A partnership between three Wilmington, Del., area churches and the local YMCA resulted in a lively community-building event recently, celebrating unity, cultural diversity, and international flavors.

The West Wilmington, Life in Christ (Bear, Del.), and Hope Community (Bear, Del.) churches joined forces with the local YMCA on Sept. 10 to host a 5K run and international food fair featuring diverse cultural performances, international foods, and a multitude of family activities. 

Hands International, a nonprofit humanitarian organization led by several local Adventists that provides medical care and health education to underserved parts of the world, also participated in the event’s planning.

The seeds for this collaboration were sown several years earlier when members from the West Wilmington church reached out to the YMCA to inquire if FLAG Camp staff could make use of the YMCA’s facilities. In an unexpected twist, a YMCA staff member, having previously attended an international food festival at the church, recommended the organizations partner for a joint venture. This led to the birth of the annual partnership, aimed at celebrating the ties that bind diverse communities.

Throughout the day, church representatives also distributed evangelistic literature. West Wilmington’s senior pastor, Elvis Mogoi, stressed the significance of Adventist churches being active in community-building activities. “If we’re going to be effective in reaching our community, it’s good for them to know who we are,” Mogoi stated, emphasizing the value of such events in offering Adventists a platform to engage with their neighbors.

West Wilmington member Michael Avery agreed, stating, “This was an opportunity for members of the three churches, YMCA staff, and visitors to engage in some meaningful conversations.” He added: “The goal of this event was to get to know one another and celebrate what unites us as a community.”

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