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  • To help our young people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Without Christ in their lives, we have no foundation from which to build on.
  • To help mold the character of our young people as the Holy Spirit directs us. We are to be involved in the shaping of the lives of those God gives us to disciple. Discipleship includes the sharing our transformed lives with those who do not know the Savior of the world.
  • To train our young people for service and mission.
  • To provide opportunities for our young people for service and mission. In many situations we train our young people without giving various opportunities where they may invest their time, energy, and heart into a cause of using their God-given gifts and talents.
  • Train the leaders for effectiveness, empowerment, and spiritual formation. Our young people need the best leaders, and we will give the best to our young people.
  • To teach our young people our Adventist Heritage. This includes our history, our teachings, our mission, and our prophetic call as a church.
  • Teach our young people the principles of Christian recreation. Our young people need to learn for themselves how to discern what is proper and wholesome for recreation.
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